About the artist

Swedish artist Åsa Peck works mainly with painting and mixed media but also installations and nature objects. Nature plays a big part in her works as in most Swedish people’s lives Her landscapes are on the verge of transformation. They are inspired by the landscapes of Bergslagen, an area in the woods of Sweden, where old mining areas filled with water glimmer between the trees.

In her most recent work she also experiments with figurative combinations.

Art philosopher Björn G Lindahl speaks about her work:

“Every new encounter with Åsa Peck’s art offers new angles of incidence. Along with their character changing and deepening every speck of what we take for granted will be challenged. Her work makes the personal expand. Through the subjective memories she portrays a glimpse of a larger context is revealed. This is a liberating feeling.”

Her artwork has been exhibited in Sweden, as well as internationally; in Tokyo, Paris, Porto, Pisa, Barcelona, Berlin, Hokkaido and New York.